Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Building a New Home (and Life!) on the Chesapeake Bay

Bruce and I have been dating for three years (as of November 17).  I love that he's a funny guy, playful and smart.  On March 23 of this year, Bruce popped the question in a very romantic restaurant on the Eastern Shore (think "Marry Me" by Train, a man on bended knee, a proposal written in chocolate, and a restaurant full of people very excited to have a ring-side seat).  You better believe I said, "yes!"  (I would have even without the chocolate incentive.)

It was time to get cracking on our new home!  

We had already decided that the wonderful New Urban neighborhood of East Beach in Norfolk, Virginia was where we wanted to live. I had moved there from Warwick Grove, (a LeylandAlliance traditional neighborhood located in the Hudson Valley of New York), and loved the lifestyle and sense of community of these special neighborhoods.  It was an extra bonus that East Beach is located on the Chesapeake Bay, although I would have loved this DPZ-designed neighborhood regardless.

So Bruce and I bought a lot, hired a WONDERFUL architect, Jeremy Sommer of Sommer Design Studio, and jumped right in!

Designing a custom home is an exciting process -- one of sharing a vision, finding someone who can articulate that vision, and working through the ups, downs, frustrations, and joys of a very complex and emotional process.  

This is the love story of designing and building a home, and a life, together.  This blog is for my dear Bruce, for those who love homes as much as I do, and for our dear friends and associates who take great joy in creating special places.  

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