Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Stands for Flurries (of Activity!)

"Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves."


This is one of Bruce's frequent expressions and it sure is fitting to describe the flurry of activity on our new home in East Beach.  Plumbers, electricians, framers, trimmers are scurrying around the job -- the list goes on and on.

First, take a look at everything that is going on outside:

This is the view from the front corner of the house.
The Windsor Windows have been installed. 

Trim work has begun in the rear courtyard.
The future screened porch is starting to take shape.

Our future neighbors' home has begun.
Bruce and I can't wait to meet them!

Meanwhile, Kristi Leonard from Schneider Custom Builders has been scheduling hundreds (a slight exaggeration, but not by too much) of meetings, most recently with Lighthouse Electric for electrical and AV equipment. (Thank you so much to our East Beach friend Bob who has helped us think through our audio decisions. You're terrific!) Also, we've met with the plumbing contractor to determine location placement of things such as the Rinnai Water Heater, faucet placements and HVAC returns.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg in our decision-making tasks.

Bruce, our Lighthouse AV contractor, Jim and Kristi
discuss computer, TV, and audio options.

Kristi and her associate from Schneider Custom Builders
consult the plans.  They are standing in the dining room with the
living room to the left and the entry to the right.

The staircase begins in the dining room and follows the exterior of the house to the upstairs.
A light well at the top of the stairs with three triple windows spills light downward.
Our architect Jeremy Sommer of Sommer Design Studios knows how much importance we place on light. The placement of the duct return is important as a built-in buffet will nestle against the staircase.
Our friend and interior designer, Jacqueline Johndrow of Romancing the Home (Warwick, New York)
envisions a blue wall as you go upstairs to set a contrast to the painted stair rails and buffet.
I can't wait to see it come together!

Bruce and Jeremy worked hard to ensure I had my bathtub.
The tub is angled on both ends.  Can't wait!
A triple window will spill light into the bathroom while
Bermuda Shutters will provide privacy.  No peeking!!!!
I was thrilled to see the level of craftsmanship and detail going into the house.  Thank you to Jeremy Sommer for designing a house that is chock full of details and to Jim's crew who is lovingly carrying out the painstaking work.    

Four hand-carved beams will support the upper front porch.

 BJ has been working hard on getting the beams just right. 
This is a picture from the upstairs Billiard's Room looking up to the storage loft.
The Billard's Room features a vaulted ceiling, upper front porch,
and a small beverage station. 
Meanwhile, Jacqueline, Kristi, Bruce and I have been hard on the trail of finalizing finishes! Jacqueline is leading the way in selecting tiles, granites, cabinets, light fixtures, and on and on and on. This is fun stuff!
This is the palette for the kitchen. The Iceberg quartzite will go on the island which features a walnut base. Perimeter cabinets are a soft gray with a light glazing and topped by a honed, enhanced gray granite.  The back splash will be either the marble and shell circles or a marble diamond pattern.

What is our blog without Beau Beau?!!!  Here is Beau Beau and Bruce taking a snack break while doing house research on the computer in our Virginia Beach home.
They spend a LOT of time on the computer.  Bruce is a natural researcher and studies hard before making important decisions for the house.  THANK YOU, BRUCE AND BEAU BEAU!!
My two wonderful guys!

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